माहितीपत्रक – The College publishes its broacher at the beginning of each academic year. It helps the students to know the details of the courses, various curricular and co-curricular activities, rules and regulations and the fee structure of the college.


विवेकसिंधु – Viveksindhu is the title of annual magazine and the wallpapers published by the college. The poems, short stories, essays and articles written by the students are published in Viveksindhu. It gives an opportunity to cultivate literary skills of the students.


अनुवाद, भाषांतर आणि रूपांतर, संपादक: डॉ. वसंत शेकडे, डॉ. सतीश कामत; प्रथमावृत्ती: जानेवारी 2017. ISBN 978-93-5240-162-8.  This book is published by the college, which is a collection of research papers presented in the National Seminar, organized by the college.