Chairman’s Message

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The Konkan is very beautiful natural dream-world, having hills and valleys, as well as full of adverse conditions for transportations and educations. Phondaghat is famous for sweet honey and loving people. Many citizens of Phondaghat have proved as renowned authors and players. The political and social leaders from Phondaghat are leading the district. Many people have successfully proved their capacities in multinational companies. The innate power of every citizen of Phondaghat has been strengthened by Phondaghat Education Society. Phondaghat Education Society was founded in 1952, and started spreading education for students of rural, hilly area, through New English School, Phondaghat. The contemporary social activists, farmers, traders, villagers and members of PES had started this mission with their self-sacrifice, which has now developed in large multi disciplinary institution.

Now PES runs Little Flower English Medium School, Secondary School, Junior College and Senior College. PES has decided to reconstruct a New Building for primary, secondary school and junior college. I appeal all alumni and citizens of Phondaghat to Contribute for this great social cause. I wish all the best for all students, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff, members of PES and citizens.