The developing library of the college has adequate number of text and reference books and offers common internet access for all. The college publishes not only its annual magazine ‘Viveksindhu’ (विवेकसिंधू ) with substantial contribution from the students but also the wall papers of the departments of the college. Further, the college library operates ‘Book Bank Scheme for SC/ST students, through the university grants. In addition, Shri Siddhivinayak Ganpati Mandir Trust, Mumbai has also donated Text Books to the library. Presently the library has more than 8500 books in general, more than 1172 books under the Book Bank Scheme, 15 periodicals, 15 CDs and DVDs, 08 news papers etc.

Mission of Library

To actively support the teaching, learning and research activities of the university by providing the access to the information sources for study, teaching and research.

Library Advisory Committee

Sr. No.

Name. Designation   Mobile



Prof. Dr. Vasant Sitaram Shekade. Chairman 9422137252


Prof. Dr. Satish Narayan Kamat. Member 9422137252


Prof. Dr. Santosh Raghunathrao Raibole. Member 9420741520


Prof. Deorao Bhujangrao Taderao. Member 9420185772


Prof. Dr. Rajaram Balaso Patil. Member 9421148078


Prof. Santosh Madhukar Akhade. Member 8888741367


Prof. Dr. Balaji Annasaheb Survase Member 9421237365


Prof. Jagdish Pandurang Rane . Member 9421267524


Prof. Vinodsinh Vilasrao Patil . Member 9421235804


Prof. Mayuri Milind Sawant. Member 9049580967


Shri. Dipak Vijay Sawant Member 9423053337


Prof. Dr. Vidhya Sharad Modi Secretary 9423053392

Total Collection

Books and other Material


Total No.



Siddhivinayak Book Bank


B.C. Book Bank




Current Periodicals










Services of Library

1) B.C. Book Bank:  A separate book bank facility for the backward class students under special provision of ‘Students Welfare and Universities Information Bureau, University of Mumbai, Mumbai’ is available in our library. The library provides textbooks to the backward class students with no charge for the academic year. There are 199 books, at present.
2) Circulation: The Library provides books circulation service to all current students and all staff. Four books per students are issued for seven days. For this facility membership form is made available in the library.
3) Partially Open Access: The partial open Access system is used in the library. All the readers are allowed to access freely periodicals and newspapers. The computerization of library is done, partially. The book is searched (by Title, Author, Acc. No, Subject) and then the circulation and correspondence is done.
4) Reading Hall:  The library has well ventilated ‘Reading hall’. Students get Question Papers Sets, periodicals, textbooks, reference books against their Identity cards. There is separate “Study Room” for teachers.

Best practice of Library

User Awareness Program: The library takes an active part in the orientation programme for new comers, organized by the college, at beginning of the academic year. The students are taken around the library to familiarize them with various resources and services available for them. Any user desiring to know more about library resources and services or to learn how to use a particular resource is allowed to contact Librarian or Library staff.

Gold Card: The students securing the first two positions in each class are provided a ‘Gold Card’ for a year. These card holders are entitled to get four additional books from the library without any charge and easy access is provided in the office, library and in the college campus.

Ideal Reader Awards: An Ideal Reader is selected every year from the members of the library and awarded with Dr. Ranganathan Prize of Rs. 200/- on the occasion of Prize Distribution Function, since 2003.  The criterion for selection is the number of materials borrowed, handling of books, punctuality and the presentation of the material read.  The student who behaves sincerely, politely and is an excellent reader in the library is selected as an Ideal Reader by the librarian. This is one of the innovative schemes to attract students towards the library.

Book Display program: Library organizes exhibitions on important occasions. This helps the users to know the collection of reference books on various topics in the library.

Staff Users Meet: Library organizes lectures, seminars etc. on various topics for students and staff which are useful to them. e.g. Library circulation, reference service, library accession etc.

Invited talks on book: Library invites faculties from college to talk on particular book read by them from the library. It can help to introduce versatile collection of library and creates awareness about library collection among readers.

Rules of Library:

  1. The Student has to enter his / her name and Sign in the register which is kept at the entrance counter before entering the library.
  2. Only registered members are allowed to use the Library.
  3. No group discussion is allowed in the reading hall.
  4. Readers should observe strict silence and switch off their mobile phones.
  5. Members should produce their ID cards at the entrance of the library.
  6. Books will be issued to the students for 7 days only. The last page slip in every book mentions the due date and the fine of @ Re.1 per day per book will be charged from the due date till the book is returned to library.
  7. If the books are lost, then the borrower shall replace the books of the same edition or latest edition or pay double cost of the book after getting permission from the librarian.
  8. Students are required to handle the books/ Journal very carefully; marking with pencil, writing or highlighting, tearing the pages or mutilating the same in any other way will be viewed very seriously. In such case reader shall be held responsible unless these are brought to the notice of the library staff at the time of issue.

Ideal Reader

  Year Name of the Student Class
2003-04 Hirlekar Sandhya T.Y.B.A.
2004-05 Rane Ruhi Ramesh S.Y.B.A.
2005-06 Chavan Prashant Mohan T.Y.B.A.
2006-07 Wagherkar Pravin Prakash S.Y.B.A.
2007-08 Revdekar Smita Prakash S.Y.B.A.
2008-09 Patkar Gauri Dayanand F.Y.B.A.
2009-10 Fernandes Jesika John T.Y.B.A.
2010-11 Sangvekar Sarita Kashinath S.Y.B.A.
2011-12 Walve Sumita Chandrakant T.Y.B.A.
2012-13 Pawar Santosh Shivaji S.Y.B.A.
2013-14 Phondekar Nilam Budhaji. T.Y.B.A.
2014-15 Pawar Rushikesh Prakash T.Y.B.A.
2015-16 Navle Poonam Balkrishna. T.Y.B.COM
2016-17 Raorane Pallavi Pandurang. T.Y.B.COM
2017-18 Lad Pratiksha Kiran S.Y.B.COM